Dear Hurricane Marine Transport, Gary and I wanted to thank you for your excellent work and care in transporting our new boat. You were very professional, friendly, and courteous. All traits of which we are very appreciative. If we come across anyone who is looking to transport their boat, needless to say you will come highly recommended. Thank you again for your great job. Much success with your business.
- Danee and Gary H.

I am extremely pleased with the service you provided and, if opportunity comes, will recommend you to anyone needing a boat moved. I expect to move the boat down around the Akron area during a future off-season to have it re-upholstered. You’ll be my first choice.
- Larry L.

This is the first time we have moved OUR boat from one point to another without using water as the transport medium. While she is not a “big” boat by Lake Erie standards (she’s 36‘), she is OUR boat and that is the important issue for us. About 2 weeks have passed since you delivered our boat and I want to share some thoughts with you.

First of all, and an item all of your prospective customers will be interested in, is the price. We think the best way to state the case is that we received full value for the amount of money we spent. We contacted several other haulers and found you to be the most credible ... not the cheapest nor the most expensive but the most credible.

We especially appreciated the fact that you treated us with respect and were not condescending in any sense of the word. It was clear to us that you were interested in service and not in stroking your own ego nor were you caviler in handling the arrangements.

By now we have cleaned and detailed the boat which means (for us) that we have had the opportunity to personally inspect virtually every square inch of the boat and her systems. We found her to be just as we left her ... no new dents, scratches, dings, cracks or anything else. Quite a feat when you consider that lifting and moving something like a 10 ton boat with a brittle gel coat about 600 miles could easily create at least a new spider web or something like that. We found none. When we cranked her after launch here in North Carolina, she started and ran like she did when we prepared her for transport.

In summary, you did exactly what you said you would do when you said you would do it at the price you quoted and our boat was delivered in excellent condition.

We thank you for the service you provided and we would be happy to talk with any one considering using your services in the future.

- Lynn D.

Being a first time boat owner I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started looking to move my boat from where I bought it to my new marina. After seeing an ad for Hurricane Marine Transport, Inc. I contacted them. They took the time to walk me what is involved in transporting a boat and through the entire process of what I needed to do to make my boat move easier. After speaking to the professionals at HMT they made me feel comfortable and put my mind at ease.

When my boat rolled into my marina on the HMT truck I knew I made the right choice. The truck was clean and you could tell how much they take care of their equipment. The driver was very friendly, clean, and knowledgeable about boats. If I ever need to move a boat again there is only one number I am going to call. And in fact I have told all my friends to use HMT too! They’re the best!

- Sara E

We found a great deal on a Sea Ray 500 Sundancer in FL made the purchase. Upon that we weren’t sure where to turn to move the boat back to our marina on Lake Erie. The dealer that sold us the boat recommended Hurricane Marine Transport, Inc. Upon contacting HMT we got to talk to a proficient, and extremely qualified representative and received back our all-inclusive quote within 24 hours just like they guaranteed. We knew this was a 1st class organization and went with them.

We never bought a boat this large and were nervous about it coming up via truck. However all along the way the driver from HMT gave us real-time status updates via email and text message and even offered to send us photos. It is obvious that all employees at HMT are highly skilled and experts in marine transportation. The boat arrived without any issues at all. Great job HMT! We highly recommend this unmatched transport company to all that need to move a boat!

- Dalton and Brooke B

Upon purchasing our Hunter 420 sailboat we needed to transport it from Lake Erie to New Jersey. Our friends recommended Hurricane Marine Transport, Inc., the company that moved their sailboat. We were so impressed after speaking with their representative and reviewing their timely quote, that we selected them to move our sailboat. Within two days of signing the contract HMT had our boat loaded and were headed to our marina. The day after the boat was loaded it arrived at our marina. Unbelievable! They said it would arrive on that day at 10am and they were there right on time! The marina where we bought the boat said they arrived on time there too! You can’t afford to have some one other than HMT move your boat, especially if you want it delivered on time and in an expert manner.

- Layton and Shanelle T.