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56' Steel "Kit" Boat from Akron, Ohio to Cleveland, Ohio. Codename: Noah's Ark I
55' Homemade Canal boat from Vandalia, Ohio to Cincinnati, Ohio. Codename: Noah's Ark II
60' Homemade Steel Sailboat from a tennis court near Plainfield, Indiana to Cincinnati, Ohio. Codena
Operation Proud Mary -- the transport of an 86' Paddlewheeler from Zanesville, Ohio to Buckeye Lake,
World War II PT-Boat Transport.
53' Catamaran Sailboat Transport from Cincinnati, Ohio to Blue Ash, Ohio. Note the 26' Beam.
2021 Prestige 590 FLY from Annapolis, Maryland to Erie, Pennsylvania. Note: 17' 1" overal height.
Chambersburg Pike - Gettysburg National Battlefield Park
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